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About EuRoCec

EuRoCec, is a European e-business, publishing and information technology services company which was founded in 2008 and financed by European Union (E.U.) in order to create a project of online books about web technologies based on open source architectures and web standards.

This project was integrated in December 2009 and has been published as content at a non profit organization which hosts articles, e-books, source codes, methodologies in order to promote the web standards and open source software technologies.

EurRoCec, having the copyright of this project “Build your own e-Business” decided to create a WebTutor series of hard copy books in order to make known these technologies and methodologies all over the world.

The WebTutor One Week Suite has been designed and written in order to cover step by step through an easy readable way a time period of one week, in particular six days per book title. Our readers in each day can read and learn about the subject of the specific part of the book for this day. Thus, each part was created in order to cover the content of a day. The technical quality of our books improve the lives of our readers maximizing the availability while optimizing resources.

Our Web Tutor One Week Suite of “Build Your Own E-Business” project represents the new innovatively e-business crafted books which will always have big demand.

All technologies and methodologies which are embedded in our books are written in order to cover the full compatibility with Windows, Unix-Linux, and Mac OS environments.