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Information Technology & Web Seminars

We offer IT and Web Technologies Seminars upon request either in English or into the local language with the EuRoCec innovative interactive way that meets the wants and needs of the e-Business market.

The program of 2011 Semminars in Europe, U.S. and other countries will be announced at the end of the year. All Seminars are offered in Crash Weekend Courses and lead our participants to obtain the specific professional skills and Certifications that they want.

You can look at the following list of our Crash Weekend Courses:

Web Browser & Web Server Programming

The Web Standards' Compatible Authoring with HTML-XHTML

Style Sheets - Working with CSS

JavaScript and Browser Scripting Programming

Dynamic Images and Image Maps with JavaScript

XML and Database Schema Creation

Build Your own e-Business

Build Your own MySQL Databases

Server Scripting Programming with PHP and SSP

Build Your Own Strategy for Search Engines Optimization - SEO