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EuRoCec publishing products are provided using an excellent innovative teach yourself reading method that meet the wants and needs of customers.

Our readers determine how to reach the desirable level of the specific Knowledge and obtain the professional skills that they want.

EuRoCec issues expand in all publishing media such us:

  • Hard Copy Books / Build Your Own e-Business Suite
  • e-Books / Web Browser & Web Server Programming
  • CDs - DVDs and Videos / Web Development & Search Engines Optimization Strategies

Web Browser & Web Server Programming

An Introduction to HTML-XHTML and DOM

The complete guide of HTML-XHTML elements & tags

Style Sheets - Working with CSS

CSS Classes and Inheritance

An introduction to JavaScript Scripting Programming

The Structure of JavaScript

JavaScript Objects Development

JavaScript Advanced Features

Dynamic Images and Image Maps with JavaScript

XML - The Basic Guide of e(X)tensible Markup Language

DOM - Working with Document Object Model

Cross Browser Scripting and Events Programming

XSL Transformations (XSLT)

Create your own Web server Apache 2

Create your own MySQL Database Server

PHP Installation and Language Structure

PHP Scripting Control - Functions and Arrays

PHP Strings, Files, Date and Time



Web Development DVDs and Videos     

Το Μοντέλο Client-Server

(52:23)     Development Following the Web Standards
(27:57)     The Communication Architecture of the Global Network
(58:05)     HTML document creation and browsers compatibility
(01:06)     Publishing your web site


(58:53)     An Introduction to HTML with the Strict, Transitional and Frameset declarations
(58:00)     The HTML rules of web documents creation
(31:10)     The XHTML declarations and the compatibility rules
(01:06)     Object Oriented Programming - OOP and DOM

Document Presentation and Events

(53:00)     Web document structure with Lists and Links
(57:40)     Web document presentation with Color, Backround and Text
(48:30)     HTML elements properties and HTML document events
(55:55)     Event Handlers for Mouse, Keyboard, Focus and Document Loading

The Design of the Web Document Structure

(01:21)     Web Design with Dynamic Tables - Embedding and Stacking
(01:14)     Web Design with Dynamic Frames and Access Selections
(01:27)     Web Design with Forms and Form Elements Programming
(01:15)     Images Organization and the use of Image Maps

Cascading Style Sheets - CSS

(01:02)     CSS Creation under their rules and the CSS Stucture through methods' hierarchy
(01:33)     CSS Properties of Color, Backround, Text, Pandding, Bordering, Spacing, Sorting
(01:01)     CSS Classes and their rules, Classes as Selectors and heredity
(01:28)     CSS2 - Cascading Style Sheets - Level 2