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EuRoCec and e-Learning Models

We design and develop e-Learning models through distance learning environments based on global internet on the one hand and through CD-DVD Video services on the other.

Our e-Learning models have been made based on customers' trends in order to be

  • easy to buy them
  • easy to pay them
  • easy to install them
  • easy to use them
  • easy to maintain them
  • easy to service them

So, our customer-oriented high techology e-Learning models are sources of vital market information and a potential opportunity to build secure long-standing relationships with your customers. Especially some of them offer specific database driven content which cab be accessed only by members who have been registered for these services paying some fees per month.

Through this e-Learning model, members can have full access to the content of the education organisation website by an authendication procedure for a specific period of time. Yet, according to add on services, members can easy buy extra modules of the e-Learning services such as: to read or download e-books, to see or download Videos, to participate in OnLine Exams through Multiple Choice Tests.

Some of our e-Learning models are the following:

  • Membership Subscribers e-Learning model
  • e-books e-Learning model
  • Video On-Line e-Learning model
  • e-Exams Multiple Choice Tests e-Learning model