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EuRoCec and e-Business

An e-Business Company in order to be cosidered as a web centric company which can influence its visitors to need its services must be based on a holistic web model which will promote its goals together with its results dynamically.   

Starting to colaborate with EuRoCec you will find out the competitive advantages and the return on investemnt (ROI) which will improve the long term benefits of your company.

EuRoCec designs and develops e-business and e-government projects as well as any other web project which is needed to be based on a database driven schema. Thus, we select and execute the best optimum solution for each specific case with the minimum cost and maximum performance.

We implement the Sessions Scripting Programming - SSP methodology   as the best holistic model to e-Business developemnt

 The following diagram shows the full circle of an HTTP document requests (HTML - PHP) to the Web Server and to the Cache memory through SSP methodology.

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Using the Holistic Model throurh the SSP methodology to e-Business development we transfer the Database Schema with all relationalships of its tables to the Client Side (Browser) obtaining the inimization of the Web Server responce time as well as the Database Server has no access trafic. Thus, we win great proficiency and performance of resources.

The innovation rank through this methodology will be expresed as folloows:

The Proficiency of this metodlogy offers better performance than it there is.